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A gift card app can aggregate value from retailer and bank loyalty programs, as well as Gift Vouchers that have already been given to you.


Gift card delivery is transforming the way retailers and recipients are interacting with each other and forming long-term loyalty. It’s evolving with retail and also financial tech. The more ways Gift Vouchers are delivered, the more the gift card industry innovates.

Here are a couple innovative gift card delivery options:


Retailers now have the ability to target eGift Voucher users by their exact Gift Vouchers. Additionally, merchants can entice customers with in-store discounts. This advancement in technology has been perceived as intrusive by some, while proponents see it as a valid business opportunity.

With consumers always controlling who has access to their phone’s location, retailers can access authorized phone locations, targeting both loyal shoppers and new customers. This allows both gift card delivery as well as promotion delivery for digitally engaged consumers. 

Mobile Apps & Wallets

Mobile apps and wallets are shifting the way retailers and gift card recipients have the opportunity to communicate with each other.

From creating limited-time offers related to shopping habits, making Gift Vouchers more lucrative, to rewarding consumers for using a digital wallet as payment is changing the face of gift card delivery.

What used to be a simple transaction is now a merchant’s opportunity to create sustained customer loyalty.

Online Delivery

This one seems obvious; however, not all retailers have caught on yet. Here’s an example: I wasn’t able to attend a close friend’s bridal shower.

Rather than having to either buy something or mail it, I was able to go on a popular home goods retailer’s website, buy a gift card, write a personal note, and send both straight to her via mail. It’s not email delivery, and it combines the personal touch of a gift with the convenience of online shopping.

We have noted the e-commerce component of their Gift voucher mix making up as much of their business model and more than doubling over the last five years. It’s important to keep up with these major trends in the market so as not to fall behind.

We’ve all gotten Gift Vouchers to places we will never shop at, whether it’s from a family member or a well-meaning boss who doesn’t know you that well.

Rather than letting the value go to waste, there’s now an app in India that allows you to aggregate unused gift card balances and also loyalty point programs.

The aggregate can be used as digital currency to buy Gift Vouchers you’d actually use, or that you can gift to others.