Digital Gift Voucher In India

Digital Gift Vouchers In Chennai

When it comes to speed and convenience, sending and receiving a Digital Gift card ranks high on the scale of choice. But anyone who reads the news might also wonder just how secure those electronic transactions can really be.

If Global Voucher is involved, clients on both sides of the transaction the person sending and the receiver of the Digital Gift Voucher can take comfort in knowing their data is secure, thanks to some of the highest encryption technology available.

Recipients of any Digital Gift Voucher and May we suggest one from Global Voucher will receive a unique link that contains the value of the gift along with a unique code and PIN (if necessary). Only the recipient has access to that unique code, which makes the transaction completely secure.

The technology used by Global Voucher ranks among the very best available worldwide. It efficiently and securely delivers something as important as Digital Voucher is one of the best places to get the kind of gear you’ll want to take with you when you visit some of the world’s most unforgettable places.

With the technology built into each Digital Gift Voucher transaction, you’ll do so with peace of mind, knowing the transaction is protected from start to finish.

Online and In‑store Consumer Sales


Sell both digital and physical gift Voucher to consumers directly from your website. Global Voucher Consumer offers highly flexible customer experiences, advanced ecommerce features and fraud protection that actually increases revenue. To make gifting from your website even easier, Global Voucher Product Digital Gift Voucher allows your customers to digitally send physical gifts.

Engage Velocity Merchandising and Velocity Card Management services to work as an extension of your team, and take advantage of our industry expertise, scalable operations and end-to-end program management capabilities to grow your gift Voucher program both in-store and online.


Global Voucher provides merchants with the end-to-end first party solutions and services they need to manage the sales, marketing, production, operations and distribution of digital and physical gift Voucher in India across the countries.


Grow B2B gift voucher revenue and take advantage in B2B market with Global Vouchers. Or, if you don’t have resources to invest in B2B, let our Velocity B2B team manage and grow B2B sales for you, driving revenue while also providing B2B protection.